Ireland Un”Cork”ed

Last Saturday I kissed the Blarney Stone and I now officially have the “gift of gab,” so have fun reading the longest blog post you’ve ever seen! 😉

Kidding, I will try to keep this relatively short considering its late at night while I am writing this.

I have been on the move lately, taking a day trip to Cork this past weekend and previously traveling around Ireland with my parents for almost two weeks. They were both able to make the trip to this lovely island and spend some time with me, and I was thankful they were able to come. Just to name a few places, we were able to visit the Ring of Kerry, Killarney National Park, the Dingle Peninsula (funny name, I know), Wicklow, and Kilkenny. We also made our way up to Northern Ireland to see Giant’s Causeway, the Dark Hedges, and hung out at a nice pub in Belfast.


Above: Panoramic view at Torc Waterfall near Killarney National ParkIMG_0921.JPG.jpeg

Above and Below: Inch Beach on the Dingle Peninsula – one the the most magical places I’ve ever seen



Above: Glendalough Lake (no editing done on this picture – I never knew places like this actually existed)

Below: Giant’s CausewayIMG_1485.JPG



Eight of us Purdue students hopped a train down to Cork, which is located in southern Ireland, where we were able to do some sightseeing and other touristy things. Originally, I wasn’t planning on going to Blarney Castle because I had heard many mixed reviews with a majority of people saying it wasn’t worth the trip. However, I am so glad I went because we all had a blast. The castle grounds were beautiful and we easily spent half a day exploring. From the extremely narrow, mossy, spiral staircases, to the hidden underground caves, to the tiny castle bedrooms, it was hard to imagine how people used to live there. But, it was easy to see how claustrophobic tourists would not enjoy exploring the spaces as much!

Kissing the Blarney Stone was a highlight of the trip, and apparently is one of the 99 things to do before you die. So there you have it folks, I only have 98 more things to do. Making progress.IMG_1754.JPG.jpeg

Downtown Cork at sunset


View from the top of Blarney Castle


Above: Kissing the Blarney Stone while a lovely old man who works at the castle held me upside down. What a nice guy.


Above: View from the top of the castle

All in all, its been a great past few weeks. Next stop: Paris!


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